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Easy Way to Cancel Add On Baggage in Thai AirAsia

You probably come across this article because you have been scrolling through the internet looking for an answer as to how to cancel add on baggage AirAsia but still got no factual answers. Canceling pre-paid extra baggage has been an issue for many airline passengers since most airlines don’t have a refund policy when it comes to add ons.

However, why do people upgrading their baggage allowance in the first place if, in the end, they end up wanting to cancel it? There are many possibilities to this answer, one of which is that they don’t pack smartly. That is why many passengers would like to know if they can cancel their add ons and get a refund.

Answer Breakdown: Can I Cancel an Add On Baggage with AirAsia?

  • What are flight add ons?

Prior to knowing the answers to the question of how to cancel add on baggage AirAsia, it’s essential to know what flights add ons are since some of you might not know about this. To put it simply, flight add ons are extra services that you can add to your flight reservation to make your trip more convenient.

All those additional services usually include seat reservations, extra baggage; travel insurance package, lounge access, and priority boarding to fit the passengers’ needs and comfort. These add ons are, of course, requiring you to pay extra.

The cost of add ons varies by airline companies. However, the majority of low-fare carriers, such as AirAsia, usually provide some additional flight services for a fee that most major airline companies already feature without extra charge.

While you need to pay extra just to obtain flight add ons, for instance, paying for extra luggage, the price is not as exorbitant as you would have to pay when you fly with high-cost airlines. Besides, if you know the best methods of booking a cheap airline, you can still get those add ons at a lower price.

  • Is it possible to cancel add on luggage in AirAsia?

Among all the additional flight services offered by AirAsia, extra baggage allowance and seat reservations are two of the add ons commonly booked by those who travel with this low-cost airline. People tend to book additional luggage when making a flight reservation, so they don’t have to pay the check-in fee should their bags exceed the maximum allowance.

However, booking add on luggage without knowing the exact weight of your bags will instead make you lose your money should the weight of your baggage is lower compared to the luggage allowance you have purchased. It’s one of the apparent reasons why people looking for a method on how to cancel add on baggage AirAsia.

So, is it possible to cancel the pre-paid extra baggage you have purchased? Unfortunately, all the paid add ons, including the extra baggage limit, cannot be canceled. Should you encounter this issue, you will not obtain partial or full refunds, and the unused add on cannot even be used on other flights.

If you want to get a refund for your unused add on baggage, you will need to cancel your flight reservation prior to departure. A refund is also available if the airline cancels your flight. But again, it’s impossible to cancel or even get a refund for the extra baggage allowance you have purchased.

  • How to avoid extra baggage fees in AirAsia?

Now, you know that you will not be able to cancel your pre-paid baggage allowance. You will not even obtain any refund from AirAsia. Therefore, it’s vitally important for you to know the most innovative ways to avoid exorbitant fees for extra baggage so that you can save money.

  1. Thoroughly read the baggage policy of AirAsia

Suppose you don’t want to lose your money for the paid add on baggage. In that case, it’s essential for you to get an in-depth understanding of AirAsia’s baggage policy. By reading the policy thoroughly, you can be free from having to pay for the excess luggage.

Each airline has its own baggage policy, so don’t think that every airline companies are the same if it’s the first time booking with them. For example, suppose you’d like to fly with AirAsia. In that case, all passengers are permitted to bring baggage onboard with maximum dimensions of 56 x 36 x 23 cm and one carry-on bag with dimensions of 40 x 30 x 10cm.

The combined weight of the two bags can’t be more than 7 kg. You may purchase an extra luggage allowance should your bags exceed the limit. For domestic flights, you can only add up to 15 kg. If you are traveling from the US or to the US, you may include pre-paid add on luggage of up to 20 kg for one bag.

  1. Pack your luggage smartly

As briefly mentioned above, people want to cancel their pre-paid extra baggage allowance because they don’t know the exact weight of their luggage and don’t pack smartly. In fact, packing is a crucial factor that may affect your luggage weight.

Of course, packing light is not always the best option to prevent you from having to pay extra baggage fees. You may be on a one-week vacation or maybe longer. So it’s reasonable if you want to pack as much stuff as you want.

However, the best way you can do is to pack your bags smartly. Invest in a suitcase made of lightweight material instead of the heavy one, which will enable you to save some more extra weight for the luggage. Also, when traveling, wear your heavier attire in order to create additional room for your basic stuff.

Also, weigh your luggage when you finished packing. This way, you will eventually know whether or not you require an extra baggage allowance. If you don’t need it, then you don’t have to book add on luggage. Yet, if you need it, make sure to select the correct weight limit so that you won’t lose any money for unused baggage weight.

  1. Consider shipping your luggage

To avoid the high costs of checking in your baggage that exceeds the limit, you can use transportation services primarily used to transport your bags to an international destination. Therefore, there is no need for you to fret about having to carry your bags on board, so there will not be any extra fees you need to pay.

This service keeps your bags safe and secure, as well as minimizing the chances of theft, loss, or even misplacement. Not only this kind of service will help you save your travel budgets, but it will also help you travel without having to carry all of your bags.

Now, you already know the answer as to how to cancel add on baggage AirAsia. However, since you cannot cancel it, a number of packing tips mentioned above can save you from losing money due to the non-refundable flight service.