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Let’s Travel To Jeju Island Korea

South Korea has famous islands, one of which is Jeju Island. Jeju Island has beautiful scenery. This island has its own charm, because of the many popular tours that can be found there.

There are several interesting tourist attractions on the island of Jeju, including;

Mount Hallasan

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Known as Mount Halla, it is about 1950 meters high, and is the standard choice for beginners who want to climb the mountain.

Cheonjiyeon Waterfall

This waterfall is a waterfall that is quite high in South Korea. In this area there are 3 other waterfalls with a height of about 22 meters, and a depth of almost 20 meters. the width of this waterfall is 12 meters, so its size is quite large compared to waterfalls in general.

Hallasan National Park

Travelers can visit Hallasan National Park, which is a nature reserve and tourism registered in the UNESCO biosphere reserve.

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